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Sebatron Beesneez 3 Zigma Microphones Promotion

Sebatron PROXIMA Class A Preamp and Compressor
In Stock! Solid state microphone preamplifier and audio compressor in one from Sebatron

Model: proxima
Manufacturer: Sebatron Mic Preamps
Sebatron Mic Preamps

Retail Price: $990.00
Our Price: $890.00

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Get your sounds up front and in your face with PROXIMA

PROXIMA contains a high quality solid state microphone preamplifier based on the CYGNUS X-2 and a fast FET compressor based on NITROUS. The clean and dynamically wide response of the preamplifier allows acoustic instruments, vocals and percussion to shine through with exquisite transient detail preserved by the Class A circuitry. Input sensitivity is high, responding to the smallest of acoustic nuances and a carefully configured pad/gain toggle switch allows the circuit to handle high SPL sources such as close miked snare drum or brass without showing any signs of clipping or distortion. Transient spikes pass through pure and true due to the ultrafast slew rate, until they hit the compressor section, where you can capture them and sculpt a new shape.

Mic pre features include +48v phantom switch, three ranges of transparent microphone gain, phase reverse and an 80Hz Low Cut. The D.I input located on the rear panel has a high impedance and is ideal for bass and keyboards.

Proxima also houses a very versatile Solid State line-level FET audio compressor designed to have the flexibility to go from brick wall peak limiting to smooth round compression. Features include a variable High Pass Filter for the Side-Chain, fully variable Attack/Release and Ratio and a ‘Tight’ switch that changes the character of the compression curve to a slightly more ‘aggressive’ response. Nitrous also features a switchable external Control Voltage input for accurate stereo processing between two units….. Both electronically balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are provided.

Proxima features an accurate switchable LED VU and Gain reduction display.

Unlike many other hardware compressors out there in the market today, PROXIMA does not use any VCA chips and so has its own distinctive sound and dynamic behaviour. The audio path is completely discrete and utilizes high voltage, low noise transistors in Class A mode to perform all gain and operational duties, giving a bandwidth extending out to 110kz and beyond. As the audio path is minimal and transparent, the unit can also be used as a high quality line level booster or general audio gain amp by using the toggled gain control on the left.

The external Control Voltage input allows the user to connect a pair of Nitrous or Proxima together for true accurate Stereo compressing . Either unit can become Master or Slave…. Or both ….

At the nucleus of the compression stage is a Precision Audio Rectifier circuit which converts the audio signal into a smooth D.C control voltage that is then fed to the FET attenuation network and gain reduction indicators.

The degree of time response and shaping is controlled by the Attack/Release parameters. Also featured is a ‘Tight’ switch that activates a specifically contoured time compression curve aimed at percussive sounds that can exhibit nasty transient peaks…

Applications for PROXIMA are extensive, whether tracking individual instruments and voices or when used in a line level sub group or full stereo mix.

When applied sensibly to virtually any sound source compression will provide a smoother consistent listening experience as the harsh unexpected transients are brought to a more manageable level by the transparent dynamics processing circuitry rather than your ear and mind.

When applied in a creative sense, the compression can make tracks sound more vibrant and exciting as the sounds and textures that would previously be lost in the mix because of their subtlety are now brought forward, up front and into focus.

Set to a Peak limiting configuration with fast attack and release, PROXIMA will give your tracks and mixes punch and dynamic consistency with an analogue feel that is impossible to get via software plug ins or digital simulators.

When adjusted for smooth levelling with slower attack and release and low ratio PROXIMA can make tracks sound warm and fluid without any of the artefacts that sometimes plague optical designs nor the sterility and predictability of the VCA based designs. The compression is Linear and Organic with subtle overtones of the classic 1176 that influenced the circuit.


• Selectable Mic Pre Gain
• Input Clip Indication
• 80Hz Low Cut Filter
• High headroom, low noise floor design
• Fully variable Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release
• Control Voltage Link for Stereo operation
• Sidechain Insert point
• No Integrated Circuits in the audio path
• XLR and ¼” TRS Line Level Inputs and Outputs
• 10 Segment LED Display of Gain Reduction and Output Level

Hand built in Melbourne, Australia, the unit is housed in a solid 1U chassis made from 1.2mm thick steel with an aluminium front panel.

Selectable 110/220 VAC internal power supply with front panel power switch

70db Clean Gain Wide Bandwidth …..................…. 10hz-110Khz +/- 1db
Low Noise Floor .......................................... –120db ein
High Input Impedance ........................... 2.4 Kilo ohms
Maximum Output Level ................................... +28dbm
Balanced / Unbalanced XLR and TRS Inputs and Outputs
3 Position Mic Pre Gain Control ................. Pre Clip Indication
80Hz LowCut ..... 10 Segment LED Output Level Display

Like all Sebatron gear, PROXIMA is built to last a lifetime.

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