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Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer
16 x 2+2 Analog Summing Mixer

Model: 5059SAT
Manufacturer: Rupert Neve Designs
Rupert Neve Designs

Retail Price: $3,995.00
Our Price: $3,749.00

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Working inside the box? Rupert Neve Designs' 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer is for you. If you record and mix straight into your DAW, you're hampered by the inability to use high-quality analog outboard gear. Enter the 5059 Satellite. The 5059 gives you 16 channels - each with individual level and pan, plus insert and bus-2 send buttons. You get two stereo busses with master texture controls, giving you effortless integration with outboard equipment, total control for two separate stem mixes, and the facility to dial in analog mojo in two distinct flavors. If you work inside the box, get Rupert Neve Designs' 5059 Satellite!

Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer at a Glance:
  • It's a Neve
  • Dial in some Silk
  • Flexibility - it's a beautiful thing

It's a Neve
In serious audio circles, Rupert Neve needs no introduction. Large-format Neve consoles from the 1970s are considered by many to be the pinnacle of analog mixer design. With the same design heritage and sonic mojo as the boards used to create countless hit records, the 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer juices your tracks with legendary Rupert Neve warmth and presence. With 16 channels of Rupert Neve designed Class A alchemy and flexible tonal and routing options, the Rupert Neve Designs' 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer will take your DAW-based studio's sound to a whole new level.

Dial in some Silk
The Rupert Neve Designs' 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer's continuously variable Texture controls with Silk and Silk+ modes let you fine tune the harmonic ratio and tonality of each of 5059's stereo busses. The Silk mode adds sparkle to your tracks by juicing transformer saturation in the high frequencies. Silk + mode accentuates saturation in the low frequencies, adding density and thickness to the source - particularly desirable when you've got a dry, lackluster mix. Distinctly different-sounding from equalization, Texture saturates the output transformers, adding musical harmonics to your source according to the amount you've dialed in.

Flexibility - it's a beautiful thing
The dual stereo outputs of the Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer are perfect for creating stem mixes, which you can enhance using the 5059's Silk/Texture controls, then process through bus compressors or other devices, finally feeding into the inputs of another mixer or your interface. This is but one example of the flexibility you'll get when integrate the 5059 into your recording rig. If you think about it, though, there's almost no end to the possibilities!

Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer Features:
  • Classic Neve: Class A, all transformer-balanced, and awesome-sounding
  • Zero crossover distortion and unmatched purity
  • Custom transformers provide galvanic isolation and serve up "larger than life" sound
  • Sets a standard for rack-mountable summing mixers
  • 16 in (with level controls, pans and inserts); 2 stereo busses
  • You can send any input to stereo bus A or B
  • Continuously variable Texture control for Silk and Silk+
  • Dual Stereo Outputs let you split the input channels into two stems for further processing and mixing
  • Stereo buss A and B each have its own XLR outs
  • You can create two very different-sounding mixes from the same 16 channels

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