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RealTraps MiniTrap High Performance Absorbant Bass Trap 2'x4'
Professional Acoustic Treatment. Improve everything that comes out of your studio!

Model: minitrap
Manufacturer: Realtraps

Retail Price: $229.00
Our Price: $199.00
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MiniTraps are real membrane bass traps that also absorb mid and high frequencies. This makes them a total solution for recording studios, editing suites, auditoriums, and home theaters - anywhere economical yet very high performance acoustic treatment is required. And MiniTraps are small and lightweight so they're easy to handle and can be shipped economically.

MiniTraps are 2 by 4 feet, 3-1/4 inches thick, and weigh only 16 pounds. They can be mounted easily with one screw or hook - just like a picture - without glue or permanent wall damage. Yet despite their small size these are real performers that have exceptional specs, especially at low frequencies. MiniTraps perform far better than anything else in their price range, and better than products that cost a lot more too! They can be mounted vertically or horizontally as space permits, or high up on a wall where they're out of the way. And since MiniTraps are made with rigid fiberglass and metal instead of foam, they are non-flammable and can be installed with confidence in public venues. Top


One reason MiniTraps are so much more effective than other treatments is the air gap behind the panels. When mounted with a three or four inch spacer, sound gets around and behind the MiniTraps so the rear surface can also absorb. This air gap increases absorption as much as fifty percent, and also extends absorption to a lower frequency when compared with mounting flat against a wall. When mounted across a corner the increase in absorption is even greater, especially at low frequencies. Not only because sound waves can get to the back of the trap, but also because the air gap is so large there. A corner mounted MiniTrap is nearly six times more effective below 125 Hz than an equivalent four-foot length of typical corner foam.

Another reason MiniTraps are superior to foam treatments is because they're made with rigid fiberglass which is much more effective than foam at low frequencies. One indicator of a material's absorption - especially at lower frequencies - is its density. Typical acoustic foam has a density of less than 2 pounds per cubic foot, where the rigid fiberglass used in a MiniTrap has a density of 6 pounds per cubic foot. While density is not the only factor that determines an absorber's effectiveness at low frequencies, it certainly is an important one. We then add a dual-layer membrane which increases its performance even more over the lowest two octaves.

Although MiniTraps may cost more per unit than foam treatment, they are far more effective. And since the front surface of a MiniTrap is intentionally semi-reflective at mid and high frequencies, you can install enough of them to truly solve your low frequency problems, but without making the room too dead as happens with absorbers made from foam or plain fiberglass. So treating an entire room with MiniTraps not only gives much better results than foam and with fewer pieces to install, the cost is about the same or even less. No games, no tricks, no fooling.

If you are not satisfied with your RealTraps purchase, simply return the order within 30 days for a refund.

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