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Line6 PODxt Amp and Cabinet Modeler with Effects, Microphone Mod
the ultimate tone toolbox just got even better

Manufacturer: Line 6
Line 6

Retail Price: $419.99
Our Price: $149.95

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Known to guitarists the world over as the ultimate tone toolbox, POD re-wrote the rules of guitar recording. The next generation PODXT proves you ain't heard nothing yet. Amp tone from Line 6's flagship Vetta. Effects based on Echoplex, Uni-Vibe, Tube Screamer, and over 40 more. Virtual microphones with on/off axis options and unbelievable authenticity. PODXT is the new must-have magic box for outrageously uncompromising guitar tone. Start clicking around, my friend, and hold on to your hat.

The incredible sonic flexibility and quality of the original POD is now super-charged. Get PODXT and you'll have Line 6's newest generation amp and cab models as found in Line 6's flagship Vetta amplifier. Combine that with more than 45 classic stompbox and effect models, including hand-picked selections from Line 6's award-winning stompbox modeler series. Route the effects stompbox-style before the amp, or run 'em after. You want to put your fuzz through a tape delay and run it all in front of a small tweed amp? How about a lumpy vibe in to a high-powered "recto" head with a 1x8 speaker cab miked off-axis and dressed up with stereo delays? You're only scratching the surface.

But wait - there's more! PODXT has Line 6's newest-generation A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling which allows you to chose from 4 different classic mic models and even adjust how much of the room sound you hear! There's even a dedicated studio-quality compressor. Add a bit of verb (spring, plate, hall or room) and now you're ready to track.

PODXT even has a USB digital in/out for direct digital computer recording. And its flash-based memory means easy upgrades to keep your PODXT on the cutting edge.

With 64 user/factory presets, many based on some of the most popular guitar songs ever recorded, you'll have instant access to an unbelievable collection of classic guitar rigs. Imagine the sonic possibilities of having all the coolest amps, cabs, mics, stompboxes, and studio reverbs all tweaked, wired-up, and ready to go.


  • 32 Legendary and Classic Amp Models
  • 22 Cab & 4 Mic models
  • 49 Stompbox and Studio Effects
  • Routing Options
  • 64 Channel Memories
  • Deep Editing
  • USB Digital I/O
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Full MIDI Support


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