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BURL B26 Orca Control Room Monitor
Discrete Class A Control Room Monitor

Model: B26_ORCA
Manufacturer: Burl Audio
Burl Audio

Retail Price: $2,999.00
Our Price: $2,399.00
Available Options:

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The ORCA is the most highly evolved of all aquatic species. One who uses sonic superiority and harmony to dominate his environment, the ORCA is the APEX PREDATOR of all of the oceans of the Earth.Thriving off of the Island of VANCOUVER, pods of ORCAS silently stalk their prey, present just under the surface; listening, threatening. The ORCASí superior sonic 3D imaging gives them an unfair competitive advantage over whatever they may view as prey. Surfers fear great white sharks. Great white sharks fear ORCAS.

Building on its reputation of sonic superiority, BURL AUDIO introduces the ultimate in control room monitoring, the B26 ORCA. The B26 ORCA utilizes the same analog, discrete circuit path philosophy as prior BURL AUDIO products with the emphasis on the ultimate in sonic transparency and 3D stereo imaging.

Evolve your listening, mixing and mastering through the B26 ORCA and give you and your ears an unfair competitive advantage.


  • Direct coupled, discrete, class-A signal path
  • 3 stereo mix inputs, 2 stereo tape return inputs, RCA stereo input
  • 2 stereo speaker outputs
  • Audiophile 0.1% matched resistor, stepped attenuator for control room level
  • Independent studio/phones send and level
  • External meter output
  • Control room and Studio headphone outputs
The BURL B26 Orca is the best of the best when it comes to monitoring quality and control.

Burl B26 Orca Review by Pro Audio Toys owner Greg Blaisdell - 8/27/2014

Just got my Orca! I wanted a monitor control worthy of the new Barefoot MM12's and it's exactly what I hoped for; Ultra-clear sound, solid and overbuilt, and all the controls I need with a few extras I may use later. The volume knob is big, beautiful, and seems to keep a perfect left/right balance at every level, unlike some others I've used. I also hear no added noise floor or crackles as I crank up the volume. I like the 2dB increments and I like how the center 12 O' clock position is right about the perfect listening volume most of the time, with the loudest "0" setting being plenty louder than I would ever use. Headphone Outs all have plenty of headroom and gain, as good as anything else I've used.

It's very nice to have the separate/independent controls for control room speakers/headphones, and "studio" speakers/headphones allowing me to easily send different sources to different places. All buttons and knobs feel solid and perform perfectly for me.

I like that it doesn't have DA converters that I don't need, and I also didn't want a separate remote that hogs desktop space. I keep it in the nearest rack space in my sterling desk and all the controls are inches from my fingers.

Burl B26 Orca Review by Justin Weis

Last night I got the privilege of previewing the orca in my own control room with Mr. burl himself - Rich Williams. He drove the 80 miles from burl headquarters to do one last late night "sanity check" listening session before he starts shipping them. Can anyone say "dedication"?

He brought an A/B switcher box and all necessary cables and splitters to perform a shootout of the orca vs. my Dangerous Monitor ST, both in between my B2 DAC and my Genelec 1031As with Genelec 1092A subwoofer. The first thing I noticed was the bottom end - this is always the first thing I notice with burl gear it seems - there is a "bottomless" quality to it. The low end extends deep down into the Earth. The Dangerous feels a little "confined" in comparison. Rich attributes this in part to not using capacitors in his designs. The second thing I heard was a smoothness/openness in the upper mids/high end. The orca has a less harsh, more natural sound here. Rich attributes this in part to a lack of crossover distortion in his discrete op amps. Don't get me wrong, the Dangerous sounds very very good, but the orca sounds superb - transparent, open and less fatiguing. My assistant ,fellow slut Nick Hackleman, was also present and had similar observations.

It was great to listen to Rich explain the reasoning for his designs, and pull out the op amps to show me how and why they sound better than the IC chip op amps found in so much gear.


Justin Weis
Quality Affordable Mastering, Mixing, Recording.
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